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To The Bone. (David Wolf Series.)

Carson, Jeff.

Resource Type: Books
Volume: 7
Publisher: Cross Atlantic Publishing.
Date Published: 2015.
ISBN: 9781091879836

Chief Detective David Wolf's son has a new girlfriend, and when she discovers her father--a well known man in ancient fossils trade circles--has been murdered, she and the rest of her shattered family turn to Wolf to bring them justice. With the help of a small town sheriff and a retired police dog named Jet, Wolf follows the clues to a dig site in northwest Colorado, where secrets have been entombed for eons, and people are dying to keep them that way. In a place where killing monsters are buried under the earth, it becomes clear there are still some roaming topside, and in this suspense-filled seventh installment of the David Wolf series, Wolf must keep his wits or his bones will be found next.


1. Murder -- Investigation -- Fiction.; 2. Sheriffs -- Fiction.; 3. Colorado -- Fiction.;

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