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America's 50 States. : Maps, fFags, Dates, and Fun Facts!

Resource Type: Books
Edition: First.
Publisher: Gibbs Smith.
Place of Pub: Layton.
Date Published: 2020.
ISBN: 9781423654230

"Discover America's fifty states with colorful maps, unique trivia, and more. Read about the special features and quirky characteristics that make up America's patchwork in America's 50 States. Full-color illustrations (including state maps and icons) and interesting trivia make it an easy and fun journey of learning! Did you know that one of the world's highest suspension bridges is in Colorado? Or that Connecticut is home to the first hamburger? Each of America's states has its own unique symbols, facts, history, landscape, and so much more"-- Ages 5-8


1. U.S. states -- Miscellanea -- Juvenile literature.; 2. United States -- Miscellanea -- Juvenile literature.; 3. Informational works.; 4. Trivia and miscellanea.; 5. Picture books.;

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